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Frequently asked questions about gift cards from Ticketmaster Norway:

I entered the wrong e-mail address when made the order. Can I have my money back?
Sadly, no. We can't refund the money if the customer types the wrong mail-address.
I have not received the gift card. What's wrong?
- The gift card is not sent from Ticketmaster directly, but from a third party acting on our behalf. Some customers have found that the email gets stuck in their spam filter. Therefore check your spam filter, and change the settings so you're sure that you get the gift card directly to your e-mail in the future.

Who’s name will be printed as the sender of the gift /  gift card?
- We will use the name you entered when purchased the gift card.

What does it say in the subject field of the e-gift card to the receiver?
- It says "You got a gift from “[name of sender]".

When is the e-gift card sent to the recipient?
- The e-gift card is sent within three hours of the order being placed.

How do I find the gift card history on my Ticketmaster profile?
- You won't find the gift card history under your usual Ticketmaster profile. Please log in to your unique gift card profile.

I didn't manage to complete the gift card purchase. Can I complete it later?.

- You need to complete the gift card purchase to get the gift card sent. If you don’t complete the purchase, we will send you an email containing a link. If you follow that link you can resume where you left off
Where can I use the gift card?
-You can use the gift card on www.ticketmaster.no or by calling our call centre (+47 22 82 81 97). It can be used in the ticket office in Oslo Spektrum.

Do I need to activate the card to use it?
- Nope. The card is activated from the moment it is bought.

 How do I check the balance of my gift card?
- You can check out the balance of your gift card on www.ticketmaster.no or by calling our call centre (+47 22 82 81 97). Remember to have your gift card, with the pin on the backside ready to quote when you’re asked for it.

What do I do if I lose the gift card or if it's damaged?
- gift cards that are lost, damaged or broken, are unfortunately not replaceable. You'll have to buy a new gift card.

Does the gift card have an expiration date?
-  The gift card is valid in one year from the date for purchase.

How can I order gift cards to a large group or a company?
- Please contact Ticketmaster group sales division: +47 22 82 81 97

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